Ring-a-Ding Foot Talon Toys

$3.99 USD


The Ring-a-Ding from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and classic bird foot toy loved by pets everywhere! These bird foot toys are colorful and straightforward making them perfect for pets of all ages and abilities. Three colorful intertwined bird-safe rubber rings are ready to be played with. These rings come in assorted colors all of which bird pleasing and bright. The rings have smooth edges making them pleasing for pets to hold in their beak and feet. The light weight of each rubber ring allows all kinds of a pet birds to pick them up, manipulate them and toss them around. Fun tricks and games can be played with the rings by stacking them, hanging them, tying them up, and anything else that comes to your imagination! The Ring-a-Ding foot talon toys are available in two styles, they measure approximately (each ring) 3 inches in diameter by 3/8 inch in depth.

Available in two colorful styles.
Easy for your pet to pick up and play with.
Can be added to other toys.
Made with 100% bird-safe materials.