Plastic Nut & Wing Bolt

$9.99 USD

Plastic Nut&Wing Bolt

The Plastic Nut & Wing Bolt from Bonka Bird Toys are a super foot and talon toy for your small to medium-sized feathered friends. The wing nuts comes in an array of bright colors all of them very bird pleasing. The colors look so great that the wing nuts will stand out in any cage or aviary you install them in. The wing nuts have different assorted nut pieces on each of the plastic threaded pieces. Your pet may find nuts with small rounded ovals sticking out, smooth rings that they'll love to move and nuts with circular fans and angled fans. The nuts move very easily and are very entertaining for pets to manipulate with their beak and feet. The nuts of course are wonderful foot toys on their own but they are great to add to other toys and items. Their unique shape and bright colors make them perfect adornments. You can hang them around the cage for fun pulling and chasing, inside other toys for interesting foraging experiences and even to be used for your own art and craft projects.

The Plastic Nut & Wing Bolt from Bonka Bird Toys are 100% bird safe and come with (12) or (6) plastic wing nuts per pack. Each wing nut measures approximate about on the nut section.

Height: (1.75) inches
Width: (1.75) inches
Weight: Under (3) Ounces

Excellent brightly colored foot toys.
Lots of pieces lets you experiment with different play options!
Fun movable nut parts.
100% bird safe materials.