Pk100 Big Natural Wooden Chewy Sticks

$9.49 USD


Explore the Wonders of Natural Play: 100 Big Natural Wooden Chewy Sticks

A Must-Have for Creative Play and Learning Introducing our 100 Big Natural Wooden Chewy Sticks, a treasure trove of fun for your feathered companions. These versatile sticks are an indispensable addition to your bird's playtime routine, offering a myriad of uses and infinite possibilities for entertainment. Ideal for birds that love to gnaw, these sticks also serve as perfect foot talon toys, adding a new layer of sensory stimulation to their daily activities. Moreover, they are fantastic for DIY bird toy-making projects, allowing you to weave in your creativity to craft bespoke toys that cater to your bird's unique tastes and preferences.

Tailored for Easy Handling and Durability Each stick measures approximately 5 7/8 inches in length, 3/4 inch in width, and 1/16 inch in thickness. These dimensions make the sticks lightweight and manageable for your bird to hold and manipulate, fostering an environment of exploration and fun. Weighing around 3 ounces per pack, you receive a generous amount of chewy wooden sticks for continuous enjoyment. Available in two options, drilled or undrilled, they offer flexibility for all your toy-making needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Craft Parts and Foot Toys: Exceptionally suited for enhancing agility and offering joy, especially beneficial for baby birds of any size.
  • Encourages Foot Dexterity: Utilizing these as foot toys can significantly promote good foot health and serve as an enjoyable pastime both within and outside the cage.
  • Unlimited DIY Potential: These parts unlock endless possibilities for creating custom toys, ensuring your bird never tires of their playthings.
  • Commitment to Safety and Stimulation: Crafted from a variety of stimulating, bird-safe materials, our designs prioritize your pet's mental and physical health.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Committed to the environment and your bird's safety, these sticks are 100% eco-friendly and bird-safe.

Infinite Fun Awaits The pack of 100 Big Natural Wooden Chewy Sticks is not just another bird toy; it's the key to unlocking endless fun and developmental opportunities for your bird. Whether for chewing, as foot talon toys, or for your DIY toy projects, these sticks are designed to enhance your bird's playtime, offering both physical and mental stimulation. Add this eco-friendly, bird-safe pack to your collection and inspire joy and creativity in your bird's daily life.