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2660 Oval Bird Mirror with Cosmetic Defect - 25% Off

Find Beauty in Imperfection with Our Discounted Oval Bird Mirror!

Product Highlights:

  • Oval-shaped mirror designed for bird cages
  • Measures 11 inches in height and 3.25 inches in width
  • Features a cosmetic defect with streaks in the mirror that do not affect functionality
  • Safe for birds and ideal for self-entertainment

Shopify Product Description: Introducing the 2660 Oval Bird Mirror from Bonka Bird Toys, now available at a 25% discount due to a simple cosmetic defect. The mirror has some streaks, which don't interfere with its purpose or safety but offer you a fantastic deal on a wonderful addition to your bird's environment.

The mirror measures 11 inches high and 3.25 inches wide, providing ample space for your bird to gaze, interact, and play. Mirrors are excellent tools for mental stimulation in birds, encouraging them to engage in natural behaviors such as pecking, singing, and social interaction with their reflection.

Key Features:

  • Cosmetic Defect Discount: Enjoy 25% off due to non-harmful streaks in the glass, which are purely cosmetic.
  • Safe and Engaging: Despite the streaks, the mirror is completely safe for birds, free from any harmful materials or sharp edges.
  • Ideal Size for Cages: Its vertical orientation and slim profile fit well in almost any birdcage setup.
  • Enhances Bird's Life: Provides enrichment that can help reduce anxiety and boredom in captive birds.

Installation and Usage: The mirror comes ready to hang with an easy-to-attach hook at the top, making it simple to install in your bird's cage. Place it at a height that suits your bird's preferences for easy access and optimal enjoyment.

Perfect for: Bird owners looking for a budget-friendly way to enhance their pet's cage and stimulate their pet's mind. The 2660 Oval Bird Mirror is especially suited for anyone who doesn't mind a slight imperfection in exchange for a great deal.

Embrace the unique charm of the 2660 Oval Bird Mirror and give your bird a companion that reflects their beauty, quirks and all. Add it to your cart today and watch your bird discover joy in their new friend!