Mini Sandals

$10.99 USD

Quantity and Price

The Mini Sandals from Bonka Bird Toys are great colorful and soft foot toys for your feathered friend. These brightly colored soft sandals are adorable, easy to use in many different ways and ready to be played with right from the pack. The sandals do come in assorted colors all of them being bright and bird appealing. The sandals are all designed in the same way with a big front of the foot area and a nice strap going over the top. The top of the front of the sandal has (5) holes in it. These holes are easy to string your pets favorite twine or string through. When hanging the sandals make for a very fun and entertaining game. The holes also allow you to easily install the sandals on other larger toys to add chewing and color to them. There is also a hole in the back of the heel on the sandal that can also be used as a hanging hole. The strap is a perfect opportunity for hanging too! The sandals are so cute and adorable that they can even be used for regular art and craft projects! They're absolutely lovely for homework assignments and other school projects.

The Mini Sandals are perfect as bird foot toys and items for regular arts and crafts and ship in assorted bright bird pleasing colors and weigh and measure approximately:

Length: (3) inches

Width: (1.5) inches or (1 1/2) inches

Height: (1.5) inches or (1 1/2) inches

Single sandal weight: Under (1) ounce

  • Colorful soft adorable foot toys.
  • Easy to pickup and play with.
  • Bright bird pleasing colors.
  • Tons of different uses.