Large Tweeky Clean Bird Seed Feeder

$54.99 USD $59.99

The Large Tweeky Clean Bird Seed Feeder from Bonka Bird Toys is a great way to provide a comfortable feeding area for your pet while making cleanup a breeze! This large bird feeder is made of hard durable plastic letting you admire your pet as they munch away!

The shape of the Large Tweeky is very straightforward and appealing. Its design is a square shape that has a large inviting opening and a great brightly colored textured birdy perch. The perch section is partitioned off from the seed section. This lets your pet comfortably sit and enjoy their food. As they eat any seed or food material that falls stays inside of the Large Tweeky making it super easy for your to clean and fill up again!

The Large Tweeky can also be hung in different ways. On the front and back of the bird feeder are small drilled holes. These holes are for the included sturdy hook hangers. There hook hangers screw into the Large Tweeky by using your hand and being careful as your screw it straight into the threaded hole. The different holes let you hang inside or outside of the cage and gives the feeder more flexibility for installation in all types of cages.

When cleaned the Large Tweeky looks just like new! All you need is a soft cloth and soapy water. Be careful to not use an abrasive or rough cleaning surface so as to not scratch the surface of the Large Tweeky.

The Large Tweeky Clean Bird Seed Feeder is 100% bird safe. The approximate measurements for the bird feeder are:

Can comfortably hold (24) ounces of food.

Height: (7.87) inches or (7 7/8) inches

Width: (7.75) inches or (7 3/4) inches

Depth: (7.87) inches or (7 7/8) inches

First lip of first bay in front of perch: (1) inch

Second lip for feed bay inside of feeder: (2) inches

  • Hard durable plastic.
  • Includes 2 metal hooks to hang the unit, inside or out.
  • One Laser cut plastic ridged perch, approximately 3/4-inch diameter.
  • Easy clean up.