Kings Cages ES 1814 OP Open Top Bird Cage 27X18X14

$89.95 USD

The Kings Cages ES 1814 OP from Bonka Bird Toys is a fun and versatile cage for your small sized pet bird. This cage has (3) different doors on its front and one-of-a-kind upward opening play top. This play top can be propped open with the included wooden dowel perch letting your pet comfortably sit on the play top when open. The roof of the cage has (3) rounded domes with the largest being in the middle. On the front of the cage there is large out-ward opening platform door that creates a ramp for your pet when opened. The cage door locks into place with (2) rounded clips on its top that click into the cage itself and onto a swivel locking bar above the door opening. Also included is a single locking bar that tightly secures the door when needed. Above the front door is a wire metal design welded onto the cage. There are (2) small feeding cup doors on either side of the cage. These doors have wire designs on their front and slid up to reveal the feeding cup area. These doors allow you to remove and refill the feeding cups without having to open the front door. The cage bar design has horizontal bars on the front and back with vertical bars on the sides that lead up to and continue up through the roof. The bar section of the cage connects to the plastic base via (4) small openings where special nubs on the bottom of the cage portion slip into. Inside of the plastic base a grate floor rests on top of a pull out cleaning tray. This grate lets your pet walk on the bottom of the cage comfortably.

Included with the cage are (2) wooden dowel perches, (1) plastic hanging perch & (2) plastic feeding cups.

This cage is perfect for cockatiels, small conures, small amazons and other small bird breeds.


Height: (27) inches

Width: (18) inches

Depth: (14) inches

Weight: (8) lbs or (128) ounces

Cage Bar Spacing:(5/8) or (0.62) inches


  • Top of cage opens up.
  • Plastic base.
  • White powder coated wire body.
  • Two tone colors.
  • Pull out tray.
  • Metal grill.
  • One wooden dowel inside perch 1-inch diameter.
  • One wooden dowel top perch 1-inch diameter.
  • Two plastic cups.
  • Large folding front door.
  • All our cages are non-toxic and safe for your feathered friend.