Huge Pk4 Vine Stars

$5.99 USD


Four Large Natural/Colored Woven Vine Stars by Bonka Bird Toys

Indulge your feathered friends in the ultimate play experience with Bonka Bird Toys' Four Large Natural/Colored Woven Vine Stars. Expertly handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, these stars promise not only to beautify your bird's habitat but also to enrich their day-to-day life through stimulating play and exploration.

Engagement and Enrichment: Measuring an ideal 6 inches in width, these vine stars are perfectly sized for birds of various sizes, offering a plethora of playful possibilities. Whether scattered across the cage to encourage exercise or used as a foundation for custom toy creations, these vine stars provide a versatile and engaging environment for your avian companion.

Safety and Sustainability: Constructed from all-natural, eco-friendly materials, our vine stars ensure a safe playtime experience. They cater to the instinctual needs of birds to chew, promoting not only mental stimulation but also physical well-being through improved foot agility. Specifically beneficial for baby birds, these foot toys support the development of dexterity across all size categories.


  • Natural & Handwoven: Celebrate the beauty of nature with these carefully crafted vine stars, designed to provide endless entertainment.
  • Versatile Play: Perfect for tossing, chewing, and creative toy-making, offering a customized play experience.
  • Promotes Health: Enhances foot agility and satisfies the natural urge to chew, ensuring a happy, healthy bird.
  • Bird-Safe Materials: Made with 100% bird-safe, eco-friendly materials, prioritizing your pet's safety and environmental sustainability.

Perfect For:

  • Bird owners seeking to enrich their pet's environment.
  • Enhancing cage aesthetics with a touch of natural beauty.
  • Providing a stimulating and safe play experience.

Enhance Your Bird's Life Today Elevate your bird's cage with the Four Large Natural/Colored Woven Vine Stars from Bonka Bird Toys. Witness the joy and excitement as they explore the endless possibilities these stars provide. Safe, stimulating, and sustainably made, these toys are an essential addition to any bird's play collection.