Bottlebrush Wood Cage Perch

$10.99 USD


Question?  How many pairs of shoes do you have?  5, 10, more?  And likely all kinds of shoes, Walking, Jogging, dress, etc.  And how many hours a day do you spend on your feet, 10, 12?  Let's consider your bird.  

Your bird spends 24 hours a day on their feet and doesn't wear shoes.  They spend all their time on the cage perches we provide them.  So, choosing suitable cell perches is critical.  In the same way, you likely wouldn't buy your 3-year-old shoes at a dollar store; buying your bird just any nest can severely impact your bird's day-to-day life.  

You're told that HARD, SLIPPERY perches are GOOD for your bird because they won't chew them up, and being smooth means they're easy to clean.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Hard perches are precisely that!  Imagine your children standing on concrete all day barefoot!  

Slippery perches are even worse.  To use slippery perches, your bird has to HOLD ON!  Like your children walking on a frozen sidewalk, slippery perches are incredibly uncomfortable, and standing in one place becomes more accessible.  A problematic situation our birds deal with daily!  So, is there a solution?  

Over 30 years ago, I introduced a wood for parrots called Bottlebrush.   

  • Bottlebrush was imported from Australia for use as a decorative landscape tree.  (Hey, Cockatoo owners, take note)!
  • The outer bark is soft and naturally textured.  Your birds' feet are designed to mesh with naturally textured bark without holding on.  (Look at your birds' feet, and you'll see what I mean).  
  • The outer bark is easy to stand on and not slippery, but it gets even better.  
  • Chew toys are an invention of the parrot industry.  In the wild, birds chew on the perches they stand on.  
  • The outer bark of the Bottlebrush is PERFECT for Chewing.  Your bird will spend hours chewing on their Bottlebrush bark.  Again, it gets even better!
  • Technically, chewing behavior consists of two types: Chewing and Gnawing.  We talked about your bird-chewing Bottlebrush; now let's talk about GNAWING.  
  • Birds need to gnaw; it's a natural behavior to shape and condition their beaks properly.  (There is no Beak Grooming in the wild).  
  • So, not only is Bottlebrush perfect for Chewing, but it also allows Gnawing.  
  • As you watch your bird using their Bottlebrush Cage Perches, you'll see them remove and savor the bark.  Then, you'll notice your bird feverishly GNAWING on their Bottlebrush Cage Perches.  

Over time, you'll notice the Bottlebrush perches will be chewed up and need to be replaced.  You'll happily replace them because you'll realize how much better your parrot's day-to-day life has become.  

And you'll notice how much happier your bird is—no more hurt and sore feet.  The need to gnaw has been satisfied.

If Bottlebrush is so fantastic, why isn't it available everywhere?  The answer is simple, supply and demand!  

We still personally harvest and process every Bottlebrush perch we offer.  And, as time and storms decimate Bottlebrush trees, it's getting harder and harder to find. 

Try our, Bottlebrush Cage, perches; you and your bird will be happy you did.

They measure approximately:

3901 Small: 12-Inch Long, 1-Inch Diameter.
3902 Medium: 12.75-Inch Long, 1.25-Inch Diameter.
3903 Large: 13.50 -Inch Long, 1.50-Inch Diameter.

Since it is a natural item, sizes will vary slightly.

  • Attaches easily to cage with wingnut/washer fitting.
  • Natural smooth bark finishes for better foot grip.
  • Perches provide an alternate perching surface and footrest for your bird.
  • Three perch sizes for all types of birds.
  • Bonka Bird Toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure pet birds' mental and physical well-being.