Assorted 36-Inch Colored Plastic Chain

$3.99 USD

Bonka Bird toys assorted 36-Inch colored plastic chain. Five sizes and eight colors to choose from. Endless possibilities; get creative in your art and crafts and bird toy-making projects. Sizes are approximate:
Small 3/4" X 3mm X 36"
Medium 1" X 4mm X 36"
Large 1 1/2" X 6mm X 36"
Extra-Large 2" X 8mm X 36"
Huge 3" X 10mm X 36"
Durable and long-lasting, and easily maintained.

  • Use C links or Pear links to attach to toys or cages.
  • Decorate existing toys or add to them.
  • Replace broken or worn-out parts.
  • Perfect for hanging charms.
  • 100% Bird safe.