966 Bouncy Bouncy

$19.99 USD

The 966 Bouncy Bouncy from Bonka Bird Toys is an exceptional choice for medium-sized birds, offering a vibrant mix of activities and materials designed to entertain and stimulate your avian companion. Let's break down the features and benefits of this engaging toy, ensuring your bird enjoys hours of fun and interactive play.

A Medley of Entertaining Elements

Diverse Textures for Tactile Fun: With wooden ABC blocks, wibbly foraging balls, and bright acrylic rings, the 966 Bouncy Bouncy offers a rich variety of textures. This diversity encourages tactile exploration and satisfies the natural urge to chew and manipulate objects, promoting dental health.

Foraging for Cognitive Stimulation: The inclusion of wibbly balls, perfect for hiding treats, taps into your bird's foraging instincts. This not only provides a rewarding challenge but also enhances cognitive skills as your bird learns to retrieve hidden treasures.

Auditory Delights: Equipped with three medium-sized bells, this toy introduces a playful sound experience to your bird's playtime. The gentle jingling sounds stimulate your bird's auditory senses, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their play.

Designed for Durability and Ease of Use

Robust Construction: The durable and long-lasting construction of the 966 Bouncy Bouncy ensures it can withstand active play, making it a reliable source of enjoyment for your bird.

Easy Installation: Thanks to the convenient quick link attachment, placing this toy in your bird's cage is straightforward and hassle-free. This ease of installation means your bird can start enjoying their new toy without delay.

Ideal Dimensions for Medium-Sized Birds

  • Measurements: Standing at approximately 15 inches high and 3.50 inches wide, the 966 Bouncy Bouncy is perfectly sized for medium birds, providing ample opportunity for engagement without overwhelming their space.

The 966 Bouncy Bouncy from Bonka Bird Toys not only enriches your bird's environment with its colorful and interactive design but also promotes physical and mental well-being through play. By incorporating this toy into your bird's daily routine, you're providing them with a stimulating and enjoyable experience that supports their overall happiness and health.