950 Taco Bird Toy

$10.99 USD

Bring joy and stimulation to your medium-sized bird's life with the 950 Taco Bird Toy. This super shredder and foraging toy is expertly crafted to banish cage boredom and engage your bird's natural instincts.

Dynamic Features:

  • Colorful Basket: A beautifully colored natural woven basket, generously stuffed with vibrant crinkly paper and natural-colored raffia.
  • Chewable Accents: Adorned with colored wooden hearts and leather strands, perfect for birds that love to chew.
  • Size That Fits: Measures approximately 12 inches wide by 9 inches high, ideal for medium-sized birds.
  • Easy to Hang: Suspended with a sturdy link chain and includes a quick link for effortless cage placement.
  • Refillable Design: Keep the fun going by refilling with new paper or raffia.

Benefits for Your Feathered Friend:

  • Encourages Natural Behaviors: Aids in foraging and shredding activities, crucial for your bird's mental health.
  • Safe for Play: Constructed with all bird-safe materials, ensuring a worry-free playtime.
  • Combat Boredom: The variety of textures and materials keeps your bird intrigued and active.
  • Versatile Fun: Suitable for a range of medium-sized bird breeds.

The 950 Taco Bird Toy is more than just a toy; it's an essential tool for enriching your bird's daily life. Its engaging design and bird-safe construction make it a must-have for any bird owner who prioritizes their pet's happiness and well-being. With this toy, your bird will enjoy hours of shredding, foraging, and exploring, all within the comfort of their cage.

Ready to transform your bird's cage into a playground of fun? Get the 950 Taco Bird Toy today!