946 Shred burst

$6.99 USD

Enhance Your Aviary with the Colorful 946 Shredburst!

Exciting and Interactive
Meet the 946 Shredburst from Bonka Bird Toys—a vibrant, fun-filled toy designed to keep your feathered friend entertained for hours! This innovative bird toy features a unique turnable structure that allows you to easily alter its shape, providing endless amusement for your bird. It's perfect for aviaries looking to stimulate their pets' natural chewing and grabbing instincts.

Durable Design and Safe Materials
Constructed with a robust metal wire and a handy quick-link connector, this toy can be securely hung from any cage bar or structure. The design includes natural wooden beads and colorful bamboo finger traps strung along the wire, making it irresistible to peck and pull at. The smooth beads and easy-to-grab finger traps offer tactile stimulation, while the gentle clinking of the attached metal bell celebrates every interaction your bird has with the toy.

Compact and Convenient
With a height of 7.75 inches, width of 6 inches, and weighing under 3 ounces, the 946 Shredburst is compact yet packed with features to engage your bird. Its slim profile makes it an easy fit for any cage size, ensuring it's a versatile choice for small to medium birds.

Key Features:

  • Shreddable bamboo finger traps for engaging play
  • Chewable wooden beads for sensory satisfaction
  • Quick-link for easy cage attachment
  • Bright, bird-safe colors to attract and delight

Perfect for:
Bird owners seeking a safe, stimulating toy that promotes active play and satisfies chewing instincts. Ideal for small to medium-sized birds in any aviary environment.

Invite joy and activity into your bird’s life with the 946 Shredburst—where safety and fun fly together!