869 Millet Holder

$3.99 USD
Ships March 1, 2023

Enhance Your Bird's Playtime with the 869 Millet Holder

Versatile Feeding and Play Accessory
The 869 Millet Holder from Bonka Bird Toys is the ultimate accessory for small birds. Designed to entertain and engage, this holder is perfect for millet, foraging material, and more. Shape it to grip various treats and watch as your feathered friend delights in the challenge.

Interactive and Stimulating Design
Featuring a robust metal wire backbone that extends through the entire toy, this holder is built to last. It's adorned with colorful plastic beads that slide, providing both visual appeal and tactile fun for your bird. At the base, a small metal bell rings out joyous sounds as your bird plays, turning mealtime into an enjoyable game.

Easy to Use and Safe
Installation is a breeze with the included quick-link attachment, allowing you to hang the holder swiftly in any small birdcage. While the 869 Millet Holder does not come with the sola stick shown in pictures, it is highly recommended to enhance the experience. Rest assured, every component of this holder is 100% bird safe, ensuring a secure environment for your pet.

Product Dimensions

  • Length when straight: 15.5 inches
  • Length when coiled: 7 inches
  • Width when coiled: 2 inches

Designed with your bird's safety and enjoyment in mind, the 869 Millet Holder is more than just a toy—it's an interactive experience that stimulates your pet's natural foraging instincts and keeps them active and happy.