869 Millet Holder

$3.99 USD
Ships March 1, 2023

The 869 Millet Holder from Bonka Bird Toys is a classic and useful bird toy for your small sized pet. This bird toy can be shaped to grip a piece of millet, foraging material, sola stick! and anything else that your pet will enjoy. This small sized bird toy has an included quick link attachment at the top for fast and easy hanging. From there a small metal wire loops around the attachment and continues down through the whole toy acting as its backbone. At the bottom this wire ends in another loop which hangs a small metal bell. When your pet plays with the bird toy the small metal bell will make those great bird pleasing sounds. The entire metal wire has been adorned with colorful plastic beads. These beads has a small amount of space between them letting your pet move them around as they have fun! The best part about the 869 Millet Holder is its ability to hold millet and other materials! Simply twist the millet holder around any material that will fit its size and you'll have endless combinations to please your pet. The bright colors, small metal bell and versatility of the bird toy make it a great addition for many small cages.

The 869 Millet Holder doesn't come with the sola stick seen in the picture, though its a recommended combination!

The 869 Millet Holder is 100% bird safe and measures approximately:

Length when straight: (15.5) inches or (15 1/5) inches

Length when coiled: (7) inches

Width when coiled: (2) inches