846 Palm Tree

$6.99 USD

  • The 846 Palm Tree from Bonka Bird Toys is the perfect addition to bring a slice of island paradise into your medium-sized bird's cage. Designed with natural woven straw mats layered to mimic a tropical palm, this toy is an engaging and visually appealing treat for your feathered companion.

    Natural and Chewable Materials Crafted with chewable, natural-colored wooden beads and straw mats, the Palm Tree toy is ideal for satisfying your bird's shredding and preening instincts. These all-natural materials ensure safe play and provide a variety of textures for your bird to explore and enjoy.

    Encourages Healthy Behaviors The abundance of woven pieces offers more than just chewing fun; it encourages birds to engage in natural behaviors such as foraging, preening, and problem-solving. This stimulation is essential for your bird's mental and physical well-being, helping to prevent boredom and promote a happy, active lifestyle.

    Tropical Aesthetics for Cage Enrichment Adding the 846 Palm Tree to your bird's cage enriches their playtime and enhances their environment's aesthetic with a touch of tropical fun. Its unique design and natural materials make it a standout piece that will catch your bird's eye.

    Easy Installation with Quick Link Measuring approximately 12 inches in height and 5 inches wide, this toy comes with a quick link for easy and secure cage placement. The quick link's convenience ensures that you can easily add or move the toy as needed, keeping your bird's environment dynamic and interesting.

    Bird-Safe for Peace of Mind Made with all bird-safe materials, the 846 Palm Tree provides a secure and enjoyable play option for your medium-sized bird. Its construction adheres to the highest safety standards, giving you peace of mind while your bird indulges in their tropical adventure.

    Perfect for Medium-Sized Birds Ideal for medium-sized birds, this toy offers the right balance of size and complexity to keep your feathered friends engaged without overwhelming them. Whether they're shredding the straw mats or nibbling on the wooden beads, your bird is in for hours of stimulating play.

    Product Highlights:

    • Island-inspired design with natural straw mats and wooden beads
    • Encourages shredding, preening, and foraging behaviors
    • Adds a tropical flair to your bird's cage
    • Made with all bird-safe materials for safe play
    • Quick link included for easy and secure cage placement
    • Perfect size for medium-sized birds

    Transform your bird's cage into a tropical retreat with the 846 Palm Tree from Bonka Bird Toys. Watch as they enjoy the natural chewing and shredding fun, reminiscent of island living.