829 Foraging Balls On Sale!

$9.99 USD $11.99

Introducing the 829 Foraging Ball from Bonka Bird Toys, a delightful and engaging small-sized bird toy designed for your feathered friend's amusement. This vibrant and colorful toy features a host of exciting elements to keep your pet entertained.

Key Features:

  • Colorful Plastic Parts: The 829 Foraging Ball boasts a variety of colorful plastic parts, creating an eye-catching and stimulating play environment for your bird.
  • All-Natural Vine Balls: Natural colored vine balls dangle from the toy, providing both texture and visual interest.
  • Quick Link Attachment: The top of the foraging ball comes with a quick link attachment for effortless hanging within your pet's cage.
  • Interactive Chain: A small colorful plastic link chain runs through the entire toy, connecting various components.
  • Metal Rings for Variety: Metal rings are strategically looped through different parts of the plastic chain, adding to the play possibilities.
  • Reloadable Design: The plastic chain is large enough to attach other toys or materials, making it easy to replenish the 829 Foraging Ball when your pet has chewed the vine balls.

Measuring approximately 10 inches in height and 3 inches in width, this bird toy is not only a colorful addition to your pet's cage but also an interactive and stimulating playmate.

Additional Benefits:

  • Stimulating Play: The combination of plastic parts, vine balls, and interactive elements provides hours of entertainment.
  • Easy to Reload: The thoughtful design allows you to easily replace components, extending the toy's life.
  • Bird-Safe Materials: Crafted from bird-safe materials, ensuring the well-being of your cherished companion.

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Enhance your pet's cage with the 829 Foraging Ball, a colorful and stimulating addition that's as fun as it is safe. Watch your feathered friend enjoy hours of play with this engaging bird toy.