41343 Large Venus

$23.99 USD


"Introducing 41343 Large Venus: The Ultimate Toy for Medium to Large Birds - Entertain and Delight with Irresistible Textures!

Look no further if you have a medium to large bird that loves to preen, chew, and play! Our 41343 Large Venus is the perfect toy designed to captivate and engage your feathered friend with an overabundance of colorful coconut shells, vegetable-tanned leather, and abaca - guaranteed to earn two wings up for all the enticing beak-pleasing textures.

Measuring approximately 12 inches high by 3 inches wide, this toy boasts multiple healthy play options to entertain your beloved bird for hours. What's more, you can be confident that it's crafted from all-natural and bird-safe materials, prioritizing the well-being of your feathered companion.

With a convenient natural fiber loop, 41343 Large Venus is effortless to hang in your bird's habitat, ensuring they can enjoy endless playtime and mental stimulation.

Experience the joy of seeing your bird thrilled and engaged with our fantastic beak-pleasing textures. Please note that the color may vary from what is shown, adding an element of surprise to your bird's playtime!

Bring delight and happiness to your medium to large bird's life with 41343 Large Venus - the ultimate toy designed to cater to their instincts and playfulness."

    Also available in SmallMedium and Huge