3876 Brick Party

$5.99 USD

The 3876 Brick Party from Bonka Bird Toys stands out as a vibrant and engaging toy designed for small to medium-sized birds. It's crafted to encourage a range of natural bird behaviors, such as foraging, chewing, and climbing, making it an excellent choice to keep your feathered friend entertained. Here's a breakdown of what makes the Brick Party an ideal addition to your bird's cage.

Engaging Design for Active Birds

Varied Textures: With elements like natural wooden beads, colorful plastic straw pieces, and a colorful cardboard building block stuffed with foraging, colored crinkly paper, this toy offers a multitude of textures. Such variety stimulates your bird's sense of touch and encourages interactive play.

Foraging Fun: The centerpiece of the toy, a colorful cardboard building block filled with crinkly paper, provides an excellent foraging opportunity. It encourages birds to explore and extract the hidden treats, promoting mental stimulation and satisfying their instinctual foraging behaviors.

Safe and Convenient

100% Bird Safe Materials: Constructed with safety in mind, the Brick Party uses only bird-safe materials. This commitment ensures that your pet can enjoy their playtime without any risk, giving you peace of mind.

Easy to Install: Equipped with a quick link connector, this toy can be easily and securely hung in your bird's cage. The convenience of quick and straightforward placement allows for immediate enjoyment by your bird.

Perfectly Sized

  • Dimensions: Measuring approximately 6.25 inches in height, 3 inches in width, and 2 inches in depth, and weighing under 3 ounces, the 3876 Brick Party is perfectly sized for small to medium birds. This ensures that the toy is large enough to engage with, yet doesn't overwhelm the cage space.

The 3876 Brick Party from Bonka Bird Toys is more than just a toy; it's a multi-functional playmate that addresses various aspects of bird well-being, from physical activity to mental engagement. By introducing this toy into your bird's environment, you're providing them with a source of entertainment that is both fun and beneficial to their health.