3852 Natural Seagrass Wafers

$8.99 USD

The 3852 Natural Seagrass Wafers from Bonka Bird Toys is an exquisite chew toy crafted for the delight and well-being of small to medium-sized birds. This toy combines an abundance of natural wood chew blocks and soft, chewy natural woven seagrass strips, creating a rich tapestry of textures that will appeal to birds with active minds and busy beaks. The addition of a small melodic bell adds an auditory element to the toy, making playtime not just about physical engagement but also a pleasing sound experience.

Engaging Features:

  • Variety of Textures: The mix of natural wood and seagrass offers a plethora of beak-pleasing textures, catering to your bird's natural chewing and shredding instincts.
  • Auditory Stimulation: The small bell attached to the toy provides melodic sounds as your bird interacts with it, enhancing the sensory experience.
  • Perfect Size for Small to Medium Birds: Measuring approximately 7.50 inches high by 5 inches wide, it's ideally sized for a range of birds, offering ample opportunity for engagement without being overwhelming.
  • Bird-Safe Construction: Made with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring that your feathered friend can play, chew, and explore without any hazards.

Designed for Enrichment:

The 3852 Natural Seagrass Wafers not only serves as a source of entertainment but also promotes good beak health by satisfying your bird's instinctual drive to chew. It's a toy that provides both mental and physical stimulation, aiding in the prevention of boredom and the promotion of a happier, more active bird.

Easy to Place:

Equipped with a quick link for effortless cage placement, this toy can be easily added to your bird's environment, ensuring that it becomes a staple part of their daily activities.

Introducing the 3852 Natural Seagrass Wafers into your bird's toy collection is a surefire way to enrich their playtime with a natural, engaging, and safe toy designed to meet their instinctual needs.