Pk100 Big Colored Wooden Chewy Sticks


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Discover the Magic of Creativity with Pk100 Big Colored Wooden Chewy Sticks!

Engage in Endless Fun

Unlock a world of play and creativity with the Pk100 Big Colored Wooden Chewy Sticks from Bonka Bird Toys! Perfect for bird lovers and their feathered friends, this vibrant collection of 100 chewy sticks offers a plethora of possibilities for playtime and DIY toy-making. Whether your birds love to chew, forage, or explore, these sticks are designed to stimulate their senses and encourage natural behaviors.

Versatile & Vibrant

  • Multi-Use Fun: Ideal for chewing, these sticks double as exciting foot talon toys, providing a rich sensory experience.
  • DIY Creativity: Spark your imagination by incorporating these sticks into homemade bird toys, tailored to your bird's unique preferences.
  • Colorful & Safe: Made with bird-safe coloring, these sticks promise a non-toxic, harm-free playtime, wrapped in eye-catching hues.

Perfectly Sized for Little Talons

Measuring approximately 5 7/8" in length and 3/4" in width, these lightweight sticks are perfectly sized for your bird to handle, encouraging exploration and interaction. With a thinness of about 1/16" and a total pack weight of around 3 ounces, you'll find these sticks easy to use, whether you're designing new toys or simply letting your bird enjoy them as is.

Transform Your Bird's Playtime

The Pk100 Big Colored Wooden Chewy Sticks are not just toys; they are a gateway to enhancing your bird's environment, stimulating their natural instincts, and deepening your bond through interactive play. Dive into a creative journey with your feathered companion and watch as they discover new ways to play, learn, and grow with Bonka Bird Toys.