3803 Pk24 Acrylic Meteors


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The 3803 Pk24 Acrylic Meteors are fun and colorful foot toys that can be easily added to your pet's aviary. The acrylic meteors are pre-drilled and come in assorted bright colors that are sure to catch your pet's attention. There are twenty-four meteors to a pack. They are easily manipulated with their odd shape and can be added to existing toys or used in art and craft projects. The measurement of each meteor is approximately 1-inch wide, 1-inch high, and a 1-inch depth. 3803 is 100% bird safe.

  • Includes 24 brightly colored acrylic meteors.
  • Great foot toys.
  • They can be added to other toys.
  • Pre-drilled hole approximately 1/4".
  • 100% bird safe.