3753 Shreddy Eddy

$8.99 USD


The 3753 Shreddy Eddy from Bonka Bird Toys is a super easy to play with and shreddable bird toy. This medium sized bird toy is made from easy to rip materials that thrill pets of all ages and abilities. The top of the bird toy includes a quick link connector for fast hanging in the aviary. A natural twine rope loops around the connector and hangs with a large chunky knot. This rope strings down and passes through the center of the toy ending with a long strand on the bottom. On the top and bottom of the bird toy are bundles of natural shreddy paper that sit on top of rolls of shreddy perforated cardboard. The center body of the bird toy is a large cardboard shred cube thats easy for beaks and feet to rip into. Other than the connector this toy can be completely shredded apart providing your pet an excellent foraging experience in their cage.

The 3753 Shreddy Eddy is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (16) inches

Width: (8) inches

Depth: (5) inches

Weight: Under (6) ounces

  • FORAGING FUN. It helps reduce stress and boredom. Add seeds into the tubes or push them into the cardboard to create a great foraging toy.
  • FOR MEDIUM - LARGE BIRDS, Timneh African Grey, Caiques, Sun Conures, Mini Macaws, Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoos, Citron Cockatoos, Goffins Cockatoo, Pionus, Queen of Bavaria Conures, and Similar Sized Birds will enjoy this hanging toy.
  • PERFECT SIZE TOY measures approximately 16" x 8" x 5". Perfect for inside cages, stand, or play gym. Constantly monitor your bird when playing with new toys.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA! This Bonka Bird Toy is proudly sold by a Family-Owned American company and shipped from the USA to you! If you have any problems after receiving the product, don't hesitate to contact us to assist and resolve them.