3753 Shreddy Eddy

$10.99 USD

The 3753 Shreddy Eddy from Bonka Bird Toys is meticulously crafted to provide a stimulating and shreddable experience for medium to large birds. Made with easy-to-rip materials, this toy is designed to captivate pets of all ages and abilities, ensuring hours of engaging play and foraging fun.

Designed for Easy Hanging and Interactive Play Featuring a quick link connector for fast and straightforward hanging, the Shreddy Eddy integrates seamlessly into any aviary. A natural twine rope adorned with an oversized chunky knot adds a rustic touch while providing durability and stability. This rope leads through the toy's center, culminating in a long strand at the bottom for added interaction.

Natural Materials for Safe Shredding At both the top and bottom of the toy, your bird will discover bundles of natural shreddy paper, positioned atop rolls of shreddy perforated cardboard. These materials, alongside the large cardboard shred cube at the toy's core, invite your bird to rip, tear, and explore, catering to their natural foraging instincts.

Foraging Fun to Reduce Stress and Boredom The 3753 Shreddy Eddy doubles as an excellent foraging toy. By adding seeds into the tubes or pushing them into the cardboard, you create an enriching foraging experience that helps reduce stress and boredom, making it an ideal choice for birds such as Conures, Amazons, African Greys, Pionus, and similar sized species.

Handmade in the USA with Bird Safety in Mind Proudly handmade in the USA, the Shreddy Eddy is constructed from all-natural, no-dye cardboard and natural sisal rope, ensuring a bird-safe play environment. This commitment to quality and safety underlines Bonka Bird Toys' dedication to the well-being of your feathered friends.

Product Highlights:

  • Medium to large size, perfect for Conures to African Greys
  • Easy-to-shred materials for engaging play
  • Quick link connector for hassle-free hanging
  • Bundles of natural shreddy paper and cardboard for foraging
  • 100% bird-safe, featuring natural sisal rope
  • Handmade in the USA with an emphasis on safety and natural materials

Dimensions for Spacious Play With dimensions of approximately 16 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and 5 inches in depth, and weighing under 6 ounces, the Shreddy Eddy is an ample-sized toy that provides plenty of material for shredding and foraging, making it a vibrant addition to any bird's cage.

Introduce the 3753 Shreddy Eddy to your bird's daily routine and watch as they delight in the myriad of shreddable, forageable, and interactive opportunities it offers, enhancing their playtime with natural, safe, and stimulating fun.