3743 Pk6 Small Vine Web

$4.99 USD

3743 Pk6 Small Vine Web are the perfect foot toy for those feathered friends who love to pick up and carry toys. The 3743 comes with six natural vine webs in the pack. They have a soft eye-appealing color with their natural uncolored finish. The vine webs each have lots of weaves going around the web design. These give your pet plenty of areas to grab with their beak and feet. The vine webs are all very light making them perfect for your pet to pick up and throw them around. Your pet will love chewing the vine too! They can be added to other toys, parts of the cage or anywhere you see fit. Each vine web measures about 2 inches in diameter but this will vary from web to web. All six vine webs together weight of approximately 1 ounce. 3743 is 100% bird safe.

  • Pack of six natural vine webs.
  • Great foot and chew toys.
  • Natural and uncolored.
  • 100% bird safe.