3654 ABC Twirly

$7.99 USD

The 3654 ABC Twirly from Bonka Bird Toys is designed to captivate and entertain your small feathered friend with a mix of chewable wooden blocks and eye-catching plastic parts. This toy is a delightful addition to any bird cage, offering both visual appeal and a satisfying chew experience for your pet.

Quick and Easy Installation Featuring a quick link connector at the top, the ABC Twirly is designed for fast and effortless hanging in your bird's cage. A sturdy metal wire extends from this connector, looping through the toy and ending in a small loop at the bottom. This design ensures that the toy is both secure and durable, ready to withstand the playful antics of your bird.

Interactive and Fun Design At the bottom loop, a small bell dangles, ready to emit bird-pleasing noises as your pet interacts with the toy. This auditory feature adds an extra layer of engagement, encouraging your bird to play and explore.

Chewable Alphabet Blocks and Plastic Snowflakes The body of the toy is adorned with four wooden chewable colorful alphabet blocks, providing a stimulating chew experience for your bird. These blocks are spaced with colorful plastic snowflakes, adding variety and interest to the toy. The plastic snowflake at the top features two lengths of small colorful plastic chains hanging, offering additional textures and movement.

Perfect Size for Small Birds The 3654 ABC Twirly measures approximately 9 inches in height, 3 inches in width, and weighs 4 ounces. This size is ideal for small birds, providing ample opportunity for play without overwhelming their space.

100% Bird Safe for Your Peace of Mind Constructed with 100% bird-safe materials, the ABC Twirly ensures a fun and safe playtime experience for your feathered companion. You can rest assured knowing that your bird is engaging with a toy that is safe for their health and well-being.

Product Highlights:

  • Chewable wooden blocks and colorful plastic parts
  • Brightly colored to attract your bird's attention
  • Bell for auditory stimulation
  • Easy to hang with a quick link connector
  • Perfectly sized for small birds
  • Made with 100% bird-safe materials