3653 Tugboat

$5.99 USD $7.99

The 3653 Tugboat from Bonka Bird Toys is a uniquely bird enticing small sized toy. This durable toy has brightly colored and shiny parts to keep your pet happy. The toy hangs from a small sturdy link chain that hangs from a quick link connector. This sturdy link chain passes through a drilled hole and ends with a sturdy metal ring that hangs the plastic boat. This link chain is adorned with a colorful plastic piece thats greats fun for pets to move up and down the chain link. The body of the toy is a cute plastic tugboat with lots of interesting smooth sides and shapes. The boat has a tub like interior that can be filled with your pets favorite shredding and foraging materials. On the left and right of the tugboat there are a drilled hole with a sturdy metal ring passes through. Each of the metal rings hang a translucent acrylic pacifier and stainless steel measuring spoon. The stainless steel measuring spoons have an acrylic ring hanging from each thats super fun for pets to move around.

The 3653 Tugboat is 100% bird safe ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (9) inches

Width:(4) inches

Depth: (4.5) or (4 1/2) inches

Weight: Under (3) ounces

  • Colorful & durable small sized bird toy.
  • Cute tugboat body.
  • Hanging stainless steel measuring spoons.
  • 100% bird safe.