3620 Huge Venus

$26.99 USD

"Introducing the 3620 Huge Venus: A Colorful and Super Shreddable Bird Toy for Endless Fun!

Bonka Bird Toys proudly presents the 3620 Huge Venus, a delightful toy designed to keep your feathered friend engaged and entertained for hours! This super chewable and colorful bird toy is perfect for birds of all ages and abilities, offering an array of easy-to-grab beak and feet-pleasing materials that guarantee a joyous playtime.

At the top of this incredible bird toy, you'll find a heavy-duty quick link connector, ensuring easy and secure hanging in your aviary. The fun doesn't stop there! A natural piece of rope weaves through the center of the toy, culminating in a large metal bell that adds a musical touch to your bird's play session.

The rope is adorned with a fantastic combination of a thick shreddy mat, cardboard circles, coconut chips, and colorful knots of sisal, providing a variety of textures for your feathered companion to explore and enjoy. The natural materials used in crafting this bird toy are great fun to chew apart and easy to play with, promoting healthy beak and foot exercise.

Rest assured, the 3620 Huge Venus is 100% bird-safe, prioritizing the well-being of your cherished avian friend. With its impressive dimensions of approximately 16 inches tall and 4 inches wide, this toy is built to provide substantial playtime for your bird.

Key Features:

  1. Super shreddable design for endless entertainment.
  2. Enticing beak and feet-pleasing materials.
  3. Fun to grab and shake for interactive play.
  4. 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring your bird's safety.

Bring excitement and joy to your bird's life with the 3620 Huge Venus - a captivating bird toy that will enrich their playtime and brighten their day!"

    Also available in Medium Large and Small