3612 Sola Tower

$9.99 USD

Engage Your Feathered Friends with the 3612 Sola Tower Bird Toy

A Symphony of Colors and Textures for Your Avian Companion

Elevate your bird's playtime with the enchanting 3612 Sola Tower from Bonka Bird Toys. This medium-sized marvel is meticulously designed to captivate your feathered friends with its vibrant array of shreddable and chewable delights. Crafted for medium-sized birds who revel in the joy of chewing and shredding, this toy promises endless fun and engagement.

Effortless Installation for Continuous Fun

The Sola Tower features a user-friendly quick link connector for swift and secure hanging in your bird's sanctuary. Encased in a metal wire for stability, this toy extends a playful invitation to your bird with its varied textures and elements, crowned with an alluring bundle of shreddy crinkle paper.

A Palette of Natural and Vivid Components

At its inception, the toy boasts a natural wooden chew bead above a lively vine chew ball, resting on a woven palm flower. This amalgamation of materials not only pleases the eye but also offers a tactile paradise for your bird. The journey continues with additional vine balls and palm flowers, leading to the centerpiece—a natural sola ball, making every interaction a discovery.

Discover the Sola Ball: A Shredding Delight

Crafted from the sola plant, the sola ball is a 100% natural treasure for birds to engage in their natural chewing and shredding behaviors. This novel feature encourages prolonged play, ensuring your bird remains intrigued and active.

Varied Interactions with a Repetitive Pattern

Beneath the sola ball, the toy unfolds with more woven palm flowers and vine balls, creating a pattern that's both repetitive and diverse. This design strategy maintains your bird's curiosity, offering numerous points of interaction and exploration.

Designed for Safety and Ease of Use

Light and manageable, the 3612 Sola Tower weighs under 3 ounces and spans roughly 14 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width—perfect for medium-sized birds. Its size and weight make it an ideal plaything, offering substantial engagement without the bulk. Rest assured, this toy is 100% safe for birds, ensuring a playful yet secure environment.

Product Highlights:

  • Vibrantly colored, engaging bird toy ideal for medium-sized birds
  • An assortment of chewable and shreddable elements including woven palm flowers and vine balls
  • Features the unique, natural sola ball for enhanced play
  • Quick link connector for easy installation
  • Lightweight design for effortless interaction
  • Composed of 100% bird-safe materials