3594 Extra Large Fiesta Box

$18.99 USD

3594 Extra Large Fiesta Box Bird Toy

Delight Your Feathered Friends with Endless Fun!

Elevate your large bird's playtime with the 3594 Extra Large Fiesta Box from Bonka Bird Toys, a colossal playground designed to stimulate your bird's natural chewing and foraging instincts. This mammoth toy is a cornucopia of shreddable and breakable delights, ensuring your beaked pal remains engaged and entertained.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Comes with a heavy-duty quick link connector for easy and secure hanging in the aviary.
  • Interactive Fun: A thick paper rope and a large cardboard shredbox provide ample opportunity for pecking, pulling, and playful destruction.
  • Colorful and Engaging: Adorned with colorful wooden chew slats and knots of paper rope for visual appeal and tactile fun.
  • Safe for Birds: Crafted from 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring your pet's health and well-being.


  • Cardboard Shredbox: Height: 12 inches, Width: 9.25 inches, Depth: 3 inches.
  • Overall Toy Size: Height: 19 inches, Width: 9.25 inches, Depth: 5.25 inches.
  • Weight: Approximately 16 ounces.

Why Choose the Extra Large Fiesta Box?

The 3594 Extra Large Fiesta Box is not just a toy; it's a feast of fun for your avian companion. With its large size and variety of textures and materials, it caters to your bird's natural behaviors like chewing and foraging, promoting mental and physical health. The colorful design and dynamic components will keep your bird curious and active, preventing boredom and encouraging positive playtime habits.

Perfect for: Large birds in need of stimulation, entertainment, and a safe outlet for their chewing and foraging instincts.

Transform your bird's habitat into a vibrant and stimulating environment with the 3594 Extra Large Fiesta Box—where fun and safety fly together!