35036 Jingle Balls 4 pack

$3.99 USD

The 35036 Pk4 Jingle Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are colorful and classic bird foot toys that make great pleasing noises! This pack of (4) foot toys is perfect for pets of all ages and abilities. Each of the balls is made from sturdy translucent plastic that has many openings in it. These openings let the great rattling noises out that are made from the (4) rattler balls inside of each of the plastic balls. These rattlers bounce and rattle all about the inside of the plastic ball as it's played with. The balls ship in assorted colors but each has a two-tone color combination. Half of the ball is white plastic and the other half is brightly colored. The balls are excellent as straightforward foot toys and can easily be used in many different manners too! With their many openings, you'll be able to string them up around the cage or on other toys to add a fun noisy adornment. They can also be used for art and craft projects with their colorful and durable design.

The 35036 Pk4 Jingle Balls are 100% bird-safe, ship in bright bird-pleasing assorted colors, and weigh and measure approximately:

Diameter: (1.62) inches or (1 5/8) inches

Weight of each ball: Under (0.5) ounces

Classic colorful foot toys
Easy to play with
Makes great rattling noises
100% bird safe.