3462 Colored Duckies

$3.99 USD


The 3462 Plastic Colored Ducky from Bonka Bird Toys are delightful foot toys that your pet will adore! The fun Plastic ducks come in 12 or 24 to the pack and each has that classic bath time plastic ducky look. Each duck has a big plump base letting you easily place them anywhere in your pet's cage. The sides have cute little rubber ducky stumpy wings that are sticking out. Your pet bird will love to check out the friendly rubber ducky face and chew on the soft ducky bill! The entire rubber ducky is soft to the touch and can be bitten, picked up and chewed on by your pet easily. These foot toys are great for pet birds of all ages and sizes as they are very appealing, have soft edges and are a relatively simple-looking toy. They do work as bath time duckies too! Each ducky measures about (2 1/8) inch wide, (1 1/2) inch tall and (2) inches deep. The 3462 plastic Ducky is 100% bird safe like all bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys. Great for learning to count or learning colors.

  • Adorable rubber duckies.
  • Cute faces and bright colors.
  • Wonderful foot toys.
  • 100% bird safe.