3455 pk5 8 Inch Cardboard Shred

$5.99 USD

The 3455 pk5 8 Inch Cardboard Shredmat from Bonka Bird Toys are perfect shredding mats for birds of any age and size. The pack comes with (5) shredmats ready to be ripped apart! The simple design of this bird toy part is wonderful in itself. Each mat measures about (8) inches wide and tall and has a varying (0.13) inch thickness. The mats are each perforated in a strip fashion creating an enticing grabbable texture across each mat. Your pet will love to pull on each of the strips as they can be easily grabbed with their beaks and feet. It's a very fun activity for your pet bird to tear the strips off and chew them apart. The soft texture of the mat makes these bird toys great for pets of all ages and sizes. The mats have endless possibilities too! They can be used as a regular foot toy, simply placed anywhere in your pet's cage. The mats can be rolled up to make tunnels. They can be ripped and crumbled up, letting you fill other toys with a soft chunky shredding material. You can even hang them up as an interesting space-occupying fun toy. The 3455 pk5 8 Inch Cardboard Shredmat is 100% bird safe like all bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

  • Includes (5) shredmats!
  • Wonderful shredding item.
  • Perfect for birds of all ages and sizes.
  • 100% bird safe.