3428 pk4 4 Inch Palm Mat

$5.99 USD

The 3428 pk4 4 Inch Palm Mat from Bonka Bird Toys are soft and simple foot toys for your pet bird! The 3428 includes (4) all-natural palm-leaf mats. The mats are made with thick strips of palm leaf woven into (4) inch mats. The all-natural palm material is soft to the touch. Material like this is great for birds of any age, especially older birds or ones with disabilities. The mats can be used as simple foot toys by placing them around your pet's cage. From here you'll find tons of uses for the mats, from putting them in other toys to add more material, to hanging them up in and around the cage. The soft palm leaf can easily be cut and used in whatever way you desire. The pack weighs under (4) ounces and each mat measures (4) inches wide and tall with a (.25) inch thickness.

  • Includes (4) all natural palm mats.
  • Perfect foot toys for birds of all ages.
  • Can be cutup and used in different ways.
  • 100% bird safe.