3403 Pk6 Small Palm Balls


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Bonka Bird Toys 3403 Pk6 Small Woven Palm Balls are essential fun-filled foot toys for your small to medium-sized pet bird. The palm balls are natural in color and include (6) in the pack. Each ball is made with a thick palm strip woven into a cute square ball. The thick woven strip has many places where your pet can grab or bite; they are perfect for pets of any age as they are very light; even pets that are older or have disabilities will have no problem interacting with the palm balls. The pack itself weighs under (1) ounce. Each ball measures approximately 1 inch in depth and height, but this may vary from item to item. They are 100% bird safe.

  • The 3403 Pk6 Small Woven Palm Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are versatile and chewable bird toys!
  • Great stress-busting toys, the woven balls will keep your cherished friend mentally and physically busy.
  • These destructible birdie balls satisfy your bird's instinctual need to chew and shred.
  • Multiple uses, add to existing toys, insert treats inside.
  • 3403 Pk6 Small Woven Palm Balls are 100% natural and Bird-Safe.