3308 pk5 Plastic Wheel Foot Talon Bird Toy

$3.99 USD

The 3308 pk5 Plastic Wheels are fun and colorful foot toys that can be easily added to your pets aviary. The plastic wheels come in assorted bright colors that are sure to catch your pet's attention. There are five wheels to a pack. Each wheel has lots of spokes that end in a cylinder. These all connect to a cylindrical center that has a medium-sized opening letting you hang the wheels on a string or other objects. The end of the spokes are small enough for your pet to easily pick them up with their beak or feet. The wheels move around a great deal when thrown and will slide side to side when hung on a string. All five wheels together weight around 2 ounces. The measurement of each wheel is approximately 1.5 inches wide, .75 inches high and a 1.5-inch depth. 3308 is 100% bird safe.

  • Includes 5 brightly colored plastic wheels.
  • Great foot toys.
  • Can be added to other toys.
  • 100% bird safe.