3303 pk3 Large Jute Bag

$6.99 USD

The 3303 pk3 Large Jute Bag from Bonka Bird Toys are wonderfully cute jute bags that you and your pet will adore. The pack includes (3) jute bags ready to be used and played with. The jute bags are perfect to use great foot and chewing toys for your pet bird or to use as wonderfully quaint decorations around your home. Your pet will be able to chew apart the entire jute bag, from top to bottom. The top of the bag has (2) natural jute handles. The jute bag itself is made with woven pieces of jute and has lots of little holes making it easy for your pet to grab the bag. These are functional too and can have items placed inside of them. One of the most popular ways to use them to is stuff your pet birds favorite shredding and/or chew material inside of the bag. They'll love pulling out the material and chewing it all apart. They're also great for decorations for people too! Placing material such as tinsel inside of the bag makes them really pop but of course, the possibilities are endless. The 3303 weighs under (2) ounces total and each Jute Bag measures (5) inches wide, (6) inches tall and (.25) inches wide. Like all bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys, the 3303 pk3 Large Jute Bag is 100% bird safe.

  • Pack of (3) large jute bags.
  • Perfect for chewing and shredding.
  • Great as decorations too!
  • 100% bird safe.