3299 3pk Small Jute Bag

$4.99 USD

The 3299 3pk Small Jute Bag from Bonka Bird Toys are cute functional little bags that you and your feathered friend will adore! The 3299 includes (3) ready to play with jute bags in the pack. Each of the bags are made of jute twine which is all natural and has a great soft feel. The bags have been woven with strands of jute twine, creating lots of openings all around the bag. The design is such that whatever you place inside of the bag will be able to be partially seen from outside. As the bags are very soft and light your pet will love to chew on any part of the jute. The bags are real working bags and can be filled with anything that fits. A very popular play method is to stuff them with shreddy material, creating an enticing shreddy toy. The bags even look great as decorations for people too! The bags have (2) piece of jute twine for the holders which they can be hung up by. The pack itself weighs under (2) ounces. Each bag measures approximately (3) inches wide, (4) inches high and have a depth of (1/4) inch when flat.

  • Includes (3) cute jute bags.
  • Great chewing items for your pet bird.
  • Can be stuffed with material.
  • 100% bird safe.