3287 Tiki Delight

$8.99 USD


The 3287 Tiki Delight packs a thrilling noisy experience for your medium sized pet bird! The 3287 hangs easily with its quick link attachment at the of its chain. A medium star rests on the top of the tiki cup. This star has six rounded star bulbs that surround the middle. The star can move and spin with very little effort. A brightly colored plastic tiki cup hangs from here. Inside of the cup hang stainless steel chains and a plastic pacifier. These bang about inside the cup creating lots of noise and excitement for your pet. You can even stuff the tiki cup with foraging and or shredding material adding to the excitement of the toy. The 3287 weights about 4 ounces and measures 10 inches high and has a 3 inch depth. The 3287 Tiki Hut is 100% bird safe and comes in assorted colors.

  • Loud and noisy exciting toy!
  • Bright colors.
  • Unique shape.
  • 100% bird safe.