3206 Small Chain Swing

$19.99 USD

The 3206 Small Chain Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is small scale swing that looks great in any birdcage with its bright colors and natural textures. This bird swing is small enough to fit in just about any cage you want to install it in. The swing has (2) chains that run down to the dragon wood perch. The chains string through drilled holes which end in metal rings with colorful plastic shapes hanging. The chains string through great chew materials on their way to the perch. There are colorful leather pieces, colored wooden beads, and small dragon wood chunks. Dragonwood is a perfect bird chew material as its natural, has an eye-pleasing texture and is perfect for beaks to chew on. Both the chains have quick link attachments included making for fast and easy hanging. The 3206 Small Chain Swing is 100% bird safe. If you're looking for a slightly bigger option check out the 3207 Medium Chain Swing.

  • Eye pleasing small bird swing.
  • Covered in chew materials.
  • Natural and bright colors are great in any cage.
  • Weighs under (6) ounces.
  • Measures about (8.5) inches high, (7) inches wide and (1.5) inches deep.