3198 Medium Fun Ball

$9.99 USD

  • Introducing the vibrant and enthralling 3198 Medium Fun Ball, an exquisite hanging toy crafted by Bonka Bird Toys. This toy is designed to bring a burst of joy and stimulation into the lives of small to medium-sized birds. This toy isn't just a visual treat; it's a multi-sensory experience tailored to keep your feathered friend engaged and entertained.

    Engaging Features and Easy Installation:

    • Quick and Secure Installation: Featuring a convenient quick link attachment, setting up this toy in your bird's cage is effortless, allowing immediate enjoyment.
    • Durable and Stable Design: A sturdy metal chain runs through the toy's length, providing stability and enduring the playful antics of your bird. At the toy's base, a delightful metal bell adds a layer of auditory excitement, chiming with each interaction.

    A Visual and Interactive Delight:

    • Colorful Components: The 3198 Medium Fun Ball starts with a brightly colored plastic ball, followed by knobby rounds that intersperse clear plastic balls. This arrangement creates a kaleidoscope of colors that catches your bird's eye and keeps them fascinated.
    • Interactive Play: The clear plastic balls are not just visually appealing but also house rattling beads, offering an engaging experience as your bird manipulates the toy, stimulating their curiosity and play instincts.

    Perfectly Sized for Safety and Fun:

    Weighing approximately 4 ounces and measuring 11 inches in length by 2.25 inches in width, the 3198 Medium Fun Ball strikes the perfect balance between size and playability. Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, this toy ensures a secure environment for your pet, allowing you to rest easy while they explore and play.

    Product Highlights:

    • Vibrant design captivates and engages
    • Ideal for small to medium-sized birds
    • Easy installation enhances cage ambiance in seconds
    • Auditory stimulation from a charming metal bell
    • Rattling beads for interactive fun
    • Commitment to safety with bird-safe materials

    Envision your bird's delight as they discover the dynamic world of the 3198 Medium Fun Ball, where every moment is an adventure filled with color, sound, and exploration.