3181 Pk6 3-inch Small Triangles

$2.99 USD

The 3181 Pk6 3-inch Small Triangles are colorful chewing toys for your colorful feathered buddy! The 3181 has six wooden triangles that are each brightly colored. The triangles are made of natural wood and have a great texture making it easy for your pet to grab onto them with their beak or feet. Each triangle measures 1.25 inches in width, 3 inches long and has a 1/4 inch thickness. On the base, there is a small hole drilled giving you many options when using the toy. You can hang them, place them on other toys, put them on cage parts and anything that comes to your imagination! 3181 is 100% bird safe.

  • Includes 6 brightly colored wooden triangles.
  • Great foot and chew toys.
  • Can be used in many ways.
  • 100% bird safe.