Pk6 Foraging Cups

$4.99 USD

The Foraging Cup from Bonka Bird Toys is a large simple foot toy that your beaked buddy will love! The 3171 pack includes (6) sizeable natural foraging cups waiting to be used. The foraging cup's design is straightforward with its spherical form. One end of the cup has a large opening with a flat edge that lets you easily stand the cup up. The other end has a small hole perfect for stringing your pet's favorite material through to hang the toy. The cups are 100% natural and can be chewed apart by your feathered friend. The cups are also perfect for filling with shredding or treating the material. They can even be added to other toys, broken into pieces to get more chewing material, or used to adorn different cage parts. The Foraging Cups are 100% bird-safe.
  • Pack of (6) large foraging cups.
  • All natural material.
  • Great for stuffing with shredding paper.
  • Weighs under (9) ounces total.