3161 pk6 Birdie Barbell

$12.99 USD

The 3161 pk6 Birdie Barbell are great foot toys for your medium to small sized pet bird. The barbells are a classic look that are sure to entertain your pet. The 3161 has two round perforated rattles on either side of the main bar. The rattles have openings large enough so that your pet can see the loud round bell move around in the barbell when they play with it. Each rattle has two different colors. The rattles can also spin on their own, independent of the main bar. The bar that connects the two rattles is irregularly shaped and is textured. This makes it easier for your pet to pickup the toy with their feet or beak and manipulate it in many different ways. When they are picked up or moved around, the barbells create lots of noise and excitement for your pet. All three of the barbells weigh under 2 ounces. Each barbell measures about 5.25 inches long with a 1.5 inch width at the rattle. The 3161 is made with 100% bird safe materials.

  • Each barbell is brightly colored.
  • Creates lots of noise when played with.
  • Easy to pickup and manipulate.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.