3158 Palm Platt Bundle


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The 3158 Palm Platt Bundle is a remarkable and versatile toy for your bird, offering an incredible 18 feet (approximately 216 inches) of braided platt rope. This extensive length provides a playground of opportunities for your pet bird to chew, grab, and manipulate, ensuring hours of enjoyment and engagement.

Natural Look and Feel The rope is expertly woven with natural platt, presenting a great color and a clean, appealing look. This natural construction not only adds to the aesthetic value of the toy but also provides a safe and enjoyable texture for your bird to explore.

Flexible and Textured for Engagement One of the key features of this rope is its flexibility, allowing it to be easily bent and shaped into various forms. This adaptability adds to the toy's appeal, as it can be reconfigured to keep your bird's interest piqued. The varied textures and areas along the rope offer numerous spots for your bird to grab and bite, catering to their natural instincts and need for tactile stimulation.

Versatile and Creative Uses With its substantial length, the 3158 Palm Platt Bundle offers countless possibilities for use. It can be fashioned into swings, perches, or even intricate structures within the cage, providing a fresh and exciting environment for your bird. This versatility ensures that your pet will never tire of interacting with the rope, making it a staple in their playtime routine.

100% Bird Safe Materials Safety is paramount, and the 3158 Palm Platt Bundle is crafted with 100% bird-safe materials. You can have peace of mind knowing that your feathered friend is engaging with a toy that is free from harmful substances and safe for their health.

Product Highlights:

  • Long 18ft platt rope for extended fun
  • Natural, appealing color and texture
  • Flexible and easy to manipulate
  • Offers various possibilities for play and use
  • Made with 100% bird-safe materials