3147 pk2 Bamboo Basket


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The 3147 pk2 Bamboo Basket are lovely simple bamboo baskets that are excellent foot toys and home decorations alike! The 3417 comes with (2) woven bamboo baskets, ready to be used right from the pack. The bamboo baskets are made with bamboo strips that have been woven into their basket shape. There are lot of openings and gaps in the baskets which make it so easy for your pet bird to grab them with their beak and feet. The rim of the bamboo baskets have a strip of colored bamboo, giving a layer of color to the bird toy. The lightweight makes it so that bird of all ages can pick up the toy and have fun. The baskets are so cute that they can even be used in your home as decorations! They're perfect on the kitchen table, to decorate the living room, for arts and crafts and really anything your mind comes up with. The 3417 pk2 Bamboo Basket are 100% bird safe.

  • Has (2) bamboo baskets.
  • Great lightweight foot toys.
  • Perfect for decoration & arts and crafts.
  • Weighs under (2) ounces.
  • Measures about (5.25) inches wide, (2) inches tall and (4) inches deep.