3139 pk3 Bamboo Flower Foot Talon Bird Toys

$3.99 USD

The 3139 pk3 Bamboo Flower are brightly colored shreddable foot toys for your small to medium-sized. The Bamboo Flowers are a perfect addition to any cage. Their cute design and bright colors will liven up any aviary they are placed in. The flowers are super light and are super easy to pick up for almost any bird. The soft bamboo that the flowers are made with is enjoyable for your pet to hold, bite and interact with. The flowers are only made with bamboo and can be totally shredded. Each flower that comes in the pack is a different color. 3139 is 100% bird safe. Each flower measures about 3 inches wide with a 1/4 inch depth.

  • Has three brightly colored bamboo flowers
  • Easy for your pet to pick up and play with
  • Brightens up any cage or aviary
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials