30001H Half Circle Lock

$13.99 USD

Secure Your Bird's Home with the 30001H Half Circle Lock

Effortless Security and Durability

Unlock peace of mind with the 30001H Half Circle Lock from Bonka Bird Toys. Designed specifically for bird cages, this lock combines ease of use with steadfast durability, ensuring your feathered friends stay safe and secure. The lock features a smooth, easy-to-use lever that operates with a satisfying 180-degree push, signaling a secure lock with a feel-good confirmation. Made from durable materials and boasting a highly reflective finish, this lock adds a touch of elegance to your bird's habitat.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: Comes in two parts with pre-made slots for screw installation, making it a breeze to secure your bird's cage.
  • Sleek Operation: The half-circle lock lever offers a smooth mechanism, providing a secure lock every time.
  • Sturdy Design: Constructed with durability in mind, it features a metal groove for a strong lock connection.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Its highly reflective finish not only looks great but also adds to your cage's aesthetics.
  • Lightweight: Weighing under 3 ounces, it adds security without the bulk.

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 1.35 inches
  • Length: 2.89 inches
  • Thickness: 0.70 inches
  • Weight: Under 3 ounces
  • Material: Durable, bird-safe material with a reflective finish

Benefits for Your Bird:

  • Enhanced Security: Perfect for securing doors without locks or replacing main cage doors.
  • 100% Bird Safe: Ensures your pet's environment is safe and sound.
  • Visual Appeal: Adds a stylish touch to your bird's cage.

Designed with your bird's safety and your convenience in mind, the 30001H Half Circle Lock is an essential addition to any bird cage. Secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, it's the perfect choice for bird lovers looking to provide the best for their feathered companions.

The 3001 Half Circle Lock is 100% bird safe includes only the (2) lock parts and has ***no screws***