2939 Triple Knotted Fluff

$19.99 USD

  • Introducing the 2939 Triple Knotted Fluff from Bonka Bird Toys, a cozy and colorful delight designed for the comfort and entertainment of your small-sized feathered companion. This medium-sized fluffy toy is packed with soft, bright strips of fleece, offering your pet bird an excellent way to snuggle, pull, and play.

    Features to Love:

    • Cozy Fleece Strips: Soft, bird-safe fleece invites your bird for a cuddly experience, perfect for snuggling, tugging, and preening.
    • Colorful Design: Bright, bird-pleasing colors attract your bird's attention, making the Triple Knotted Fluff a captivating toy.
    • Easy to Hang: Equipped with a quick link connector, this toy can be promptly and securely hung in any aviary, ensuring it's always within reach for your bird.
    • Versatile Play: Beyond snuggling, the varied textures and colors encourage exploration and interaction, providing mental stimulation and physical activity.

    Perfect for Small Birds

    With dimensions of approximately 9 inches in height and 3 inches in width and weighing under 3 ounces, the Triple Knotted Fluff is ideally sized for small birds, offering just the right mix of engagement and comfort.

    100% Bird Safe

    Peace of mind is paramount, which is why the Triple Knotted Fluff is made with 100% bird-safe materials. Your bird can cuddle, chew, and play without any worries.

    Transform your bird's cage into a haven of comfort and joy with the 2939 Triple Knotted Fluff. Whether your bird is ready for a soft cuddle or a playful tug, this toy offers it all in one charming package. Give your feathered friend the gift of cozy fun today!