Party Box

$7.99 USD


The Party Box from Bonka Bird Toys is a great foot toy for any bird. It will be an excellent present for your feathered friend. A palm string runs through the middle holding the product together. At the top of this foot toy is a colored plastic bead followed by a palm leaf for gripping and tearing, and after that are finger traps to keep your bird curious. Now the main attraction of this toy is the cardboard box in the middle which is perfectly shreddable and great for your bird. This toy provides an overall great experience your feathered friend will love. 


Measurements for 2862: 

    Height: 1.5 inches

    Width: 3.5 inches

    Depth: 4 inches 

Measurements for 2861:

    Height: 3 inches

    Width: 3 inches

    Depth: 3 inches

Measurements for 2863: 

    Height: 2 inches

    Width: 1.75 inches

    Depth: 1.5 inches