2854 Bagel Wheel

$3.99 USD

A Toy That Spins and Stretches Imagination: The 2854 Bagel Wheel from Bonka Bird Toys is a delightful playground that your small bird will absolutely adore. Designed with a wooden bagel, colored wooden balls, and a piece of woven palm, accompanied by two strands of veggie-tanned leather, this toy is the epitome of beak-friendly fun. Its size and variety of textures make it perfect for pecking, pulling, and overall enjoyment.

Interactive Design for Active Minds: The Bagel Wheel's unique feature allows some pieces to spin while others stretch, tapping into the natural curiosity of small birds. When hung in your bird's habitat using the included pear clip, it transforms into a center of attraction, promising hours of entertainment.

Crafted for Safety and Enjoyment: Made with all-natural, non-toxic wood and bird-safe vegetable-tanned leather, the 2854 Bagel Wheel offers a safe and enjoyable chewing and playing experience. Its thoughtful design and materials promote your bird's physical and mental health, providing a stimulating climbing and chewing experience along with a variety of textures to explore.

Easy Installation, Handmade Quality: Attaching this toy to your bird's cage is a breeze with the quick link attachment, allowing for effortless switching of toys to keep your bird's environment fresh and engaging. Handmade in the USA with care and attention to detail, this high-quality product is one you can trust to bring joy and enrichment to your feathered friend's life.

A Visually Appealing Addition to Any Cage: Beyond its play value, the 2854 Bagel Wheel also enhances the aesthetic of your bird's habitat with its cute design and delightful colors. It's not just a toy; it's a piece of art that brightens up the cage and stimulates your bird's senses.


  • Size: Approximately 7 inches high by 3 inches wide
  • Materials: Non-toxic wood, vegetable-tanned leather, woven palm
  • Features: Spinning and stretching components for interactive play
  • Safety: 100% bird safe
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade in the USA

Ideal For: The 2854 Bagel Wheel is a perfect match for small birds, offering them a blend of physical and mental stimulation. Watch your bird engage with this toy, turning their playtime into an exciting adventure of exploration and discovery.