2821 Pk144 Extra Small Acrylic Pacifiers


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The 2821 pk144 Extra Small Pacifiers from Bonka Bird Toys are eye-appealing and versatile bird foot toys for your perfect percher! 2821 comes with (144) extra small pacifiers. Each of the pacifiers are transparent, with three exciting colors to choose from. The pacifiers have a bulb on the front, a guard surrounding the paci end, and a small loop on the back. The pacifiers are great to use as regular foot toys by simply placing them in the cage, but don't limit yourself here as these babies can be used for tons of different things! They can be strung up with the loop on the back of each, creating a unique hanging toy. They can adorn different toys or even the cage itself. They can even be used for arts and crafts for any other projects you have going on! The 2821 pk144 Extra Small Pacifiers are 100% bird safe.

  • Pack of (144) extra small pacifiers.
  • Beautiful translucent colors.
  • Hanging loop on the back.
  • The entire pack weighs under (4) ounces
  • Each pacifier measures about (1/2) inch tall by (1/4) inch wide.